Interdisciplinary Workshops on Scenic Research


IMBUA is a group of 4 workshops with a focus on the artistic exploration with Suzuki Method, Viewpoints, Theatre Anthropology and Contemporary Circus, which are the main disciplines explored in our company. Framed as a sharing between artists, it aims to offer some tools of exploration and a moment of intense research and focus to artists of all performing arts: theatre, dance, circus and performance.

The 4 workshops take place in October and November, with 14 hours each (in a total of 56 hours), where each artist of the company will share his/her own tools with all participants. The exchange will intensify in the last workshop, conceived as a moment of experimentation and crossing of languages, where a final presentation will take place.

08 and 09 OCTOBER
A Teatron of the Senses, based on Suzuki and Viewpoints 
Led by Joana Pupo
22 and 23 OCTOBER
Acrobatic Dramaturgy, a new highlight on movement and contemporary circus
Led by Juan F. Scotto
05 and 06 NOVEMBER
The Decided Body will cross acrobatics and vertical techniques with the principles of Theatre Anthropology
Led by Pepa Macua
19 and 20 NOVEMBER
Languages Crossing, research with Pupo, Juan e Pepa
Final opening of the research

The common frame of all these workshops is a “focus as psychic energy” training – transformative as well as performative – and the ground of all movement. We all search the tuning of scenic movement as feedback, through every method and technique. The three – Juan, Pepa and Pupo – like to challenge the body to escape the quotidian, reorganizing freedom and scenic awareness.

The final goal is to challenge these languages to enter in dialogue and to serve “desire” as the engine of every creation. Mente de Cão is a company with members from various nationalities, who are developing scenic methodologies coming from diverse places in the globe (Japan, EUA, France, Italy, Scandinavia and Russia). We therefore envision these workshops as intercultural exchange, moved by an ideal of artistic encounter and expanding the horizon of both the company members and fellow artist participants. 


Participation Requirements:

16 places/Wk to either professional or students of performing arts.

Place: c.e.m. – centro em movimento | Rua dos Fanqueiros, nº150 1º andar 1100-232 Lisboa
Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays, from 10am to 6pm (20th November until 7pm).

1 Workshop – 40€
2 Workshops – 65€
3 Workshops – 90€
Full Program – 115€

*discount for unemployed or with low income people. Please contact us, briefly describing the situation.