Idea, Proposal and Dramaturgy: Jaime Mears e Joana Pupo
Direction: Joana Pupo
Co-creation and Interpretation: Jaime Mears e Pacas
Co-creation and Sound Space: António-Pedro
Co-creation and Scenic Space: Caroline Bergeron
Set Design: Filipe Dominguéz
Costumes: Chloé Maxin
Physical Preparation and Movement: Pepa Macua
Light Design: Mafalda Oliveira
Illustration: Joana Estrela
Harp and Electronics: Eduardo Raon
Creation Production: Companhia Caótia / Catarina Carvalho
Tour Production: Mente de Cão / Catarina Sobral

60 min > M/12

Support: Polo Cultural das Gaivotas C.M.L., Biblioteca de Marvila, Materiais Diversos e Município do Moita | CEAVM
Acknowledgements : Planeta Tangerina, Elisabete Paiva, Gio Lourenço, Mauro Hermínio e Nádia Yracema.

A play recommended by PNA – Plano Nacional das Artes


PREMIERE Theater Louletano | February, 2022
Materiais Diversos Cartaxo Cultural Center | March, 2022

A happy and direct play about sadness


Next Performances:
To be announced 

A play, for two actors and a fridge, about one of the best-kept secrets of the 21st century: depression. Everyone has been (or knows someone who has) inside that fridge.

A man and a woman in love welcome us into their home, where various opposites coexist: the Afro and the Nordic, joy and sadness, the body and the machine.

Inspired by the book “A Rainha do Norte” by Joana Estrela and the play “Every Brilliant Thing” by Duncan Macmillan, we try to talk about sadness, isolation and maladaptation, in a play that recognizes that being happy, always and forever, is very difficult. 

Prioritizing humour and curiosity, we point out a way in which sadness can be shared, investigated, and in which, in the process, we can become stronger and get to know ourselves better. After all, when have you felt foreign or “outside” recently? 

Through surprise and the theatrical act, in other words, the writing of the body and voice in space, we try to talk about life as a process of transformation and permanent fine-tuning. And healing, too.

A happy and direct play about sadness, it’s an excellent theatre show for young audiences. It grips you from the very first moment with the comic and energetic performances of Jamie and Pacas and doesn’t let go of your chest in a rollercoaster of emotions. That’s precisely why it’s important: because it opens up space to feel and to talk about what you’re feeling in a light-hearted way, while still saying what needs to be said.
I attended two sessions, one with pre-teens and one with teenagers, both with great reactions and very different from each other, both very rich in the conversations that took place afterwards. Faced with the dryness and lack of empathy that surrounds younger people, who can only try to mimic distant images of unrealistic success, it’s shows like this that can make a difference.

Elisabete Paiva | Cultural Programmer, Materiais Diversos

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