The website uses cookies.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small computer files that are created when you visit the website with information about your browsing activity. Cookies are sent to your browser and are stored on your computer.

What are cookies used for?
The information stored in cookies is used 1) to make your next visit to the website faster, more efficient and more convenient, 2) to facilitate the use of contact forms and newsletters, 3) to generate user traffic statistics and other navigation data.

What type of cookies do we use?
1) Functional: these allow us to retrieve user preferences, 2) Analytical: these allow us to analyse the actions taken by users of the site. Thus we analyse and improve the experience of users on their next visit, identifying popular pages, browsers used, number of accesses by geographic region, etc.

How can I manage my cookies?
All browsers allow the user to accept, refuse and delete cookies. For these purposes, follow the instructions of the browser you use. After authorising the use of cookies from, you can disable them, in part or in whole.

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