Within the scope of The Gravity of A Bird project, we carried out Research Laboratories on the rooting of the actor’s body, based on a practice of exchanging materials on the Suzuki Method and Acrobatics, for the work of scenic creation.

In these technical-artistic exchange with the people who participated in the Laboratory, the creators of the project Joana Pupo and Pepa Macua, continued the training already started with The Invisible Body, with innovative methodologies of the actor’s work, open to actors and dancers.

Held in December 2020, at Espaço da Penha, and in June 2021, at Centro Cultural Magalhães Lima, each Laboratory took the research into scenic movement and the ideia of exchange between pairs further.

All DGS safety rules for preventing the spread of Covid-19  have been complied with.

These were free laboratories for artists and creators in the field of performing arts, carried out with the support of Lisboa City Council – Social Emergency Fund – Culture.