A training session, supported by two practices: acrobatics with Pepa Macua and Suzuki Method for actresses, actors and dancers with Joana Pupo. A work that invites professionals, researchers, interpreters, students and curious people who already have a connection with the body, through theatre, dance, circus or other areas.
Pepa and Pupo propose intense physical work, centered on awareness and expansion of the body and scenic creation, which activates the investigation of energy, breath and presence.

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Acrobatics for Performers: Pepa Macua intertwines contemporary circus techniques with actor-dancer training – mainly from Eugenio Barba’s Theatrical Anthropology – for the dilation and expansion of the body-mind. It develops a work between acrobatics, pins and dance, to suspend the everyday body, which leads the actor/performer to sharpen their sensitivity and train in a flexible and versatile state, skilled in maintaining the state of attention and alertness essential to creation.

Suzuki Training For Actresses, Actors and Dancers, was created by Japanese director Tadashi Suzuki. It starts from a vocabulary created from sources such as Teatro Noh, Kabuki, samurai art, among others, to restore the actor’s animal energy, its roots and power of connection. Rooting, breathing and focus are the axes from which lightness and presence develop. Joana Pupo has been working with SCOT (Suzuki Company of Toga, Japan) and SITI Company (company created by Suzuki and Anne Bogart in the US) since 2010.