Creation and Interpretation: Pepa Macua e Juan Fresina Scotto
Direction: Gerardo Hochmann
Dramaturgy Support: Joana Pupo
Production and Communication: Catarina Sobral
Light Design: Mafalda Oliveira
Video e Photography: Beth Freitas and Maurício Centurión

This project had the support for Creation in Residence and Co-production of the IBERESCENA Program and support for Research from Portuguese Republic/DGArtes – Projecto Simplificado and the support of Direcção de Assuntos Culturais do Ministério de Relações Externas, Comércio Internacional e Cultura, da Argentina.


Premiere Last Trimester 2024 | Marinha Grande, Lisbon and Coimbra

Essay for Disorder is an acrobatic theater piece that intertwines art and science to explore a concept that has revolutionized the foundations of modern physics: entropy. “This is not exactly a show. It’s an experience, a rehearsal that we’ll do together”, is heard in a notice, as people enter, invited to be part of this exploration.
During the performance, two artists unfold a web of statements and questions, through multiple game strategies, acrobatic movements and manipulation of objects, transforming the space they share with other people and letting themselves be affected by the constant tension between order and disorder. It is an essay inspired by scientific thinking, which brings the question: is it possible to rehearse disorder or is it disorder that rehearses us?
An in-depth research, supported by the dramaturgy of movement and theatrical anthropology, leads us to create a language of physical and vocal actions in acrobatic bodies, capable of introducing and scenically reinventing theories and concepts of a scientific nature.
The piece reveals tensions and questions about time and human restlessness in the face of the irreversible and the ever-growing disorder, typical of all forms of evolution in the field of mind and matter.
With a strong component of interaction with the audience, the play develops a vocabulary based on acrobatics, physical theater, dance and manipulation of objects, to reveal tensions and questions about time and human restlessness in the face of the irreversible.


Last Trimester of 2024
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© Beth Freitas

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