Since the premiere in May 2022, we have presented this project in various contexts and for different audiences. A project with two versions – in Portuguese and English – performed by Joana Pupo and Jaime Mears. In each place we have found the will and the space to talk about delicate topics such as depression, suicide, love, family and how everyone goes through (or knows someone who does) mental health issues and how important it is to talk about them.
It’s a play that talks about these issues with humour and empathy and is suitable for audiences aged 14 and over.
We’ll always keep new performance dates updated on the project page > Todas as Coisas Extraordinárias e Every Brilliant Thing.

Places we have been:

Festival Mental, São Jorge Cinema, Lisbon
National Museum of Theatre and Dance, Lisbon
Palácio Galveias Library, Lisbon
Camões High School, Lisbon
Amadora High School, Lisbon
Quinta Alegre – Lugar de Cultura, Lisbon
Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Coimbra
Centro Cultural e Juvenil de Santo Amaro, Almada
Festival de Teatro do Seixal, Cine clube de Corroios
Amora High School, Seixal
João de Barros High School, Seixal
St Julians School, Cascais
Danske Hospitalsklovne, Denmark

Centro de Artes de Sines, Sines
Auditório Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro
Operação Nariz Vermelho, Lisbon
Casa Fernando Pessoa, Lisbon
Projecto Miragem, Odemira
Festival Internacional de Solos, Póvoa do Varzim
Convento São Francisco, Coimbra
Palácio D. Manuel, Évora