During a week in February, a group of people, from diverse backgrounds and artistic paths, met in a game full of variables, to question themselves about “what is still unspeakable today?”, “how do we embody our world in gesture and in speech?” and “what world are we bringing to our communication with others?”.

In the temporary home of Estúdios Victor Córdon, lines and curves were drawn, in a first research residence, based on the novel “The Inominable”, by Samuel Beckett, to perform a choreographic and dramaturgical reading of the work.

With the artistic direction of Joana Pupo, the artistic collaboration and choreographic research of Maria Ramos and the performers and creators Pepa Macua, Juan Fresina Scotto, Pacas, Jaime Mears, Fábio Nóbrega Vaz and Nádia Yracema.

Artistic residency carried out under the Simplified Support – Research, DGArtes

© Davide Costa