Master in Theater/Movement, E.S.T.C (2012). Degree in Philosophy, FCSH/UNL (2007). Actress Training at Studio Nancy-Tuñon, Barcelona (1999-2002). Began her training at the T.E.U.C., where she worked with João Grosso, Ludger Lamers, José Neves, Rogério de Carvalho, among others. Selected for the École des Maîtres in 2005 and invited as an assistant in 2006 and 2008 with Pippo Delbono and Enrique Diaz. Follows training with Suzuki and Viewpoints, with the SITI Company, by Anne Bogart, since 2010. In 2019, she was in Japan with SCOT (Suzuki Company of Toga).

As a performer and co-creator, Joana worked with Companhia Artistas Unidos, Inestética, Marionet, Propositário Azul, Teatro de Montemuro/Graeme Pullyen, Sonoscopia, Vagar/Márcia Lança, Marina Nabais Dança, Ricardo Correia, Sónia Barbosa. Also worked in Italy with the Teatro Stabile delle Marche/Carlo Cecchi and in Spain with the companies Voa Dora/Marta Pazos, Teatro de Cerca, among others. Directed and toured A FUGA DE WANG-FÔ (2006-10), READY MADE GROUP (2011), VOSCH-VUSCH, A WOOD IN MARCH (from Macbeth), Honorable Mention in FATAL’12; NOS INVERTEBRADOS (2016), ANTIGONA OR THE TERRIBLE INNOCENCE (2018).

Teacher at Evoé – Escola de Actors and at the Professional Course of Performing Arts at IDS/A Barraca (since 2010) and teacher of Improvisation at the Degree in Performing Arts, E.S.T.A.L (2010-’18). In 2019, he directed a group of teenagers for the LABOR Project at Teatro LU.CA.