Argentinian actress and acrobat, completes the Novo Circo school, LA ARENA, at the Circus Arts Center of the City of Santa Fe (Argentina). Specializing in pins with Sasha Mokrouchine (Russia), Hector Carrozo (Argentina), Jesus Hernán Améstica (Argentina) and Percy David Cordoba (Peru).

She graduated and works in Theater with Ana Woolf, actress, educator and director of Odin Teatret (Denmark). She created several pieces and highlights the Choreographic Creation Award, with QUIASMAS (2014). In 2016, was an artist in residence at the Escola Nacional de Circo, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In Portugal since 2018, she collaborated as a creator at dISPAr Teatro, at the Higher Institute of Applied Psychology (ISPA) and currently works as a teacher and director at Associação GIRA (Group for Active Intervention and Rehabilitation for people with severe mental illness experiences); collaborated in direction at Escola de Circo Chapitô; participates as an actress in Teatro Laboratório of the project Casa ÁRVORE (Raíz Teatro); in the play “O Despertar dos Pássaros”, staged by Carlos Nicolau Antunes and works with Companhia da Esquina, staged by Jorge Ribeiro.